Neighborhood Fit meals were created to be fresh, healthy, and flavorful. Our creative meals are made fresh locally. We design each meal carefully and track our natural ingredients to give you accurate nutritional information. We give you the variety to help you create a meal plan that meets your specific needs.

All of our meals are high in protein and made with natural ingredients. We divide them into 3 basic categories. Keto-Low or no carbs, Recovery-Higher Carb/High Protein, Performance-High Protein/Medium Carbs.

We are here to help you create a plan that fits your goals. Our meals are created and backed by Devin Byrd, our expert in Fitness and Nutrition. Meals are produced locally in partnership with Neighborhood Cafe. We can work with your personal gym or trainer to help you get what you need to get your best results.

We also encourage ordering based on your Pre-Workout and Post Workout meal plan. We believe that lower carb meals can benefit as pre-workout meals, which include our Keto and some Basics meals. Post-workout meals are higher in carbs to aid in recovery, which mainly include our Recovery and Performance categories.

We are here for you.



Devin’s passion for fitness began at an early age pretty much since he was a toddler. He used to walk around flexing everywhere, and do pull-ups on the monkey bars. His true passion was inspired by two mentors, a married couple who were competitors and gym owners in the community. They poured into him the basics of lifting, and the benefits of it.

Nutrition came later as Devin pursued a dual degree in Bachelors in Exercise Science and Biology from University of Mississippi. Devin became the regional manager at a franchise gym. He was over personal training where he directed, taught, and mentored trainers on how to do meal planning and workout planning for clients. He transitioned to a Strength and Conditional Coach at the University of Mississippi where he worked one on one with the athletes on proper diet strategies and the importance of nutrition for the recovery and growth of the athlete’s muscles. Nutrition being the baseline to allow athletes to be at their best performance level. During his time there, the Rebels were in 3 consecutive bowl seasons. Devin’s growth and knowledge in nutrition furthered while achieving his Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University with Honors on The Deans List.

Devin’s goal is to be able to help as many people as possible realize the ease and benefits of eating healthy and the importance of all aspects of nutrition that aid in persons physical and mental performance at the highest possible level.


Tony’s passion is supporting his community and is part owner of Neighborhood Cafe in downtown Lee’s Summit. Neighborhood Cafe serves home-style favorites and is known for their cinnamon rolls. Neighborhood Fit is a combination of the great tasting food at Neighborhood Cafe and a healthy lifestyle.