Our meals are categorized into three groups for different nutritional needs. We offer Keto, Performance, and Recovery options. Lower carb options are better for pre-workout. Higher carb options are more beneficial for post-workout.


Keto diet, is a diet that focuses on depleting your carbs, forcing the body to the state of Ketosis. Ketosis is the process to where the body is able to burn and utilize its energy from fat, and proteins. By not having the carbohydrates available the body will begin drawing from the liver, and stored fat to use for energy. This in combination with performance meals post exercise is a great method to shred inches faster, and leaner.


Performance meals are great for either pre or post exercise. Performance meals focus on a higher protein intake relative to carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are still important, as it is the main fuel with highest utilization in kinetic energy, however proteins serve a great purpose for muscle synthesis (the building of muscles). For our body to gain muscle, build leaner muscle, and stronger muscles we need protein. MPS muscle protein synthesis is essential for our bodies to not only recover post exercise, but also pre-exercise. A good source of lean protein is key for proper muscle growth and development.


Recovery Meals are important for making progress. When we exercise, we use the glucose in our blood to fuel the energy in our muscles. Once we have worked out past a certain period of time the body then takes glycogen stored in the liver to turn to glucose for our bodies to use. Recovery meals focus on a good carbohydrate source that helps return this balance. Carbohydrates are essential for the body to recover faster after we have depleted these sources. Muscle soreness can be decreased with a good source of carbohydrates 15 minutes to 45 minutes post exercise. This meal is great for those that do high demands of energy, at high levels of intensity.